Monday, July 7, 2008

Navajo Nation

How could I forget the Navajo Nation??!! I'm embarrassed to say I didn't even know this existed! What beautiful land - very reminiscent of Moab. All along the highway there were little stalls selling beautiful handmade jewelry and Native American crafts. I couldn't resist picking up a few things for friends, and a beautiful "circle of life" charm for myself.

And isn't this rock formation cool?? It's called the Mexican Hat, obviously.


Stargazer said...

Timeless beauty. I think the only difference time has made is that you see cars instead of covered wagons. I think you still see folks on horses. Such a beautiful time capsule.

Anonymous said...

The first Navajo I saw up close was in some roadside stand where we bought some small jewelry things...very nice encounter. Then, in some store sat the fiercest-looking example of a warrior i ever saw. He said nothing, but looked at my preppy self with the disdain reserved for Chevy Chase when he traipsed lost in the desert in Family Vacation.