Monday, July 21, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

The one thing I will NEVER forget about my first trip to Las Vegas was the bathroom of our Mandalay Bay room! A bathbub. A shower. Two sinks. A television. And a separate room for the toilet. With a phone in it. Seriously. Mike and I wanted to take it with us!

The Mandalay Bay was really nice, and certainly a nice change from our Super 8s and Motel 6s. But there's a completely constructed feel to Las Vegas. After enjoying the pool and a delicious dinner at Wolfgang Puck's restaurant (a nod to my current favorite TV show "Las Vegas") Mike and I went to go see the strip. Or rather, we tried to go see the strip - and ended up walking not only through the entire Mandalay Bay but through the Luxor Hotel too!! They're connected! (The Luxor is so cheesily Egyptian it was fun to walk through.) They do everything possible to keep you inside and spending money, whether it's on the casino floor or in the shops.

We finally made it out and walked to the Excaliber (an enormous white Arthurian castle - a kind of creepy adult Disneyland), oohed and ahhed over the lights, and then took the FREE tram home (bizarre huh?? They're so desperate to get you into the casinos they'll pay to get you there!).


Anonymous said...

A little secret about Vegas: Never walk the strip, and drive everywhere.

Because of the IN-town and Los Angeles set, parking at every casino is free, plentiful, and accessible. No other big city can claim that.

A drive reveals the old part of the strip to the North, down to the newfangled fun places South.

Walking is painful, low progress, and requires seeing these casinos over and over again...and smoke from idiots.

Rue Des Quatre Vents said...

How true!

Hannah said...

Sarah and Mike,
I love your blog!