Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Beale Street Buddies

We've described the awesomeness of the Mississippi, and the delicious barbecue we ate in Memphis, but we haven't really mentioned Memphis! We loved Memphis. A very cool city with a very active downtown - on Beale Street people buy beer through the windows of the bars that line the street and then walk around with them, while street performers do acrobatics and live music floats out of most bars.

Mike and I opted for a rooftop bar overlooking the activity and we were debating what we wanted to drink (Mike is a solid beer drinker whereas I'm a nice fruity mixed drinker) when the waiter came over. He asked what we wanted and Mike said, "Do you have any mixed drinks here?" and the waiter looked at him and said, "Well, there's this thing called a bar." And we all laughed and then Mike ordered a beer and I ordered a cranberry vodka, and the waiter looked at me and said "This was the complicated mixed drink?". The cracks kept coming all night. "Do you have a bathroom?" "Uhuh." Eyebrow raised. "Downstairs?" "Yeeeaah."

Mike loved that this guy called him out on the absurdity of his mixed drinks question so we had to take a picture before we left.

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bear-sophie said...

Is that Mike Mayhew???