Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Free State Friends

So we "aren't in Kansas anymore", but I still haven't had a chance to mention the wonderful time we spent visiting Jordinn, Craig, and Soeren (16 months) in Lawrence, KS! Jordinn is a friend of mine from Seeds of Peace and not only a wonderful person, but an incredible hostess! Not only did Jordinn and Craig open their home to us, they did so 10 DAYS AFTER MOVING IN and on Jordinn's FIRST DAY at her new job. Amazing!

They also took us to a great restaurant in Lawrence called Free State Brewery that serves local, organic foods and their own microbrew. Everything we tried was delicious, from the Cheese Ale Soup, to the Bourbon Steak, the Chicken Floutas, and especially the Bread Pudding and Old Fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream!

It was so wonderful to catch up with old friends and meet Soeren, a seriously cute little boy :).

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bear-sophie said...

I have to say it guys - this posting comes across as satire - "Seeds of Peace"? What would the Stuff White People Like Site guys say of it?