Sunday, June 22, 2008

Visiting "Vandy"

On our way through Nashville, Tennessee yesterday we stopped at Vanderbilt because Mike spent two years as an undergraduate there! We wandered around the beautifully manicured campus for a bit, hit the bookstore, and I even got a shot of him in front of his old dorm.

Although Vanderbilt was beautiful (and quiet) when we were there - it is NOT one of Mike's fondest memories...he was much happier at NYU. But as with all things, I say you never know who you would be if you hadn't had ALL your experiences... Would Mike be the Mike we know and love if he hadn't hated Vanderbilt so much?? We shall never know...

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bear-sophie said...

Hmmm ask Mike why he "hated" Vandy? There were teachers there who inspried him on his ultimate path, and abrother who loved him. So ask him why that was - and don't buy into the simple culture shock explanation: His long hair and Pearl Jam obsession made him a deviant (?)

And, throw in I loved it, so I will be sensitive about it!!!