Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Power Pillow...

One of the best parts of Mike's love of coffee is the mix of Starbucks, new chains, and little Mom and Pop coffee shops we've visited across the country. And before we get too far away from Tennessee I want to tell a coffee story!

So poor Mike has been driving for 3+ hours and it was time for coffee and a driver change. We saw a sign for "Coffee Corral" and took the exit. And we come to a turn. And another turn. And another turn! And suddenly we're two miles off the highway following these little yellow signs for Coffee Corral, cracking jokes that we're heading to someone's home in the middle of Tennessee! (But what we found was so much better :).)

Finally we realize that the Coffee Corral signs are leading us to KOA Camgrounds and we pull into a parking lot. And it's like stepping into a time warp. As soon as we get out of the car we see the Power Pillow, which is unlike anything I have ever seen (we didn't get a chance to jump on it, but someday!). Then we went to find the coffee (which was next to the welcome desk) and suddenly 6 people came out to help us, asking if we camped, what about a cabin? People come in off the street all the time. We have somewhere to go tonight? No problem, here's the KOA directory with 400+ locations. Facepainting starts in a few minutes. And tonight it's the 50s Sock Hop. Ribs with your coffee?

Mike was a little taken aback at the overwhelming hospitality, but I kind of think it's charming. I'm not sure I'm ready for the hippie commune atmosphere yet, but maybe someday.

Thanks Tennessee.


Gretchen said...

I grew up in KOA campgrounds across summertime America.. I like to think they made me who I am today. The best memory is of the KOA in St. Louis that was also hosting the menagerie of a circus traveling through town. We set up camp as the giraffes munched on leaves in the next site over and the elephants were hosed down. THAT is hospitality.

pondpilot777 said...

That is so cool. I had no idea there was anything beyond a highway sign and a dusty campground.
My only experience with such a place was about 48 years ago.
Things change.

Stargazer said...
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Stargazer said...

I just love collecting "somedays". They are great IOUs to oneself. I'll bet you two do go back and jump someday and you will remember forever this beautiful time.

bear-sophie said...

Again successful marketing! Love it, I want to create an analogous situation havinbg folks seek out MasterCards