Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hit & Run

I drove 30 miles in Arkansas with Sarah's purse on the top of the car. Among other irreplaceable objects, the purse contained her passport and Korean visa. Mommy!!! Somehow it hung on...Does anyone know why barns are red?...When I approached a public bathroom in New Castle, Delaware, a man standing outside of it said, "You're lucky it's open now. I had to go to the mayor's office to get him to unlock it." Busy mayor, I'd say...Context is everything. Sarah's friend made a mix for us and one song has grown on me. It sounds like Gwen Stefani singing a light reggae. But lo!!! It turns out the song is by hot hot skanky hot Paris Hilton. Does that mean I have to stop liking it?

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bear-sophie said...

Anyone who listens to Paris Hilton needs their heads examined. Over-produced, triple mixed, yikes!