Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Mint

Here's a challenge: you have to open a restaurant, but you can't charge for food. How can you make money? The Mint in Silverthorn, Colorado, has attempted something close to this. On a random night, maybe once a month, they'll announce in the local paper family fun night. For that night only, all their meats cost three dollars. The catch is that you have to cook it yourself on the Mint grill. Sarah and I were lucky enough to be there. And there was much rejoicing. We had two New York Strips and one Kansas City Cut for $9 and even tho we cooked them, they were awfully tasty.

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bear-sophie said...

I was given that question in a training at MasterCard: come up with business concept of restaurant with no servers, no menu, and no charge for food. That is very cool it is in practice - I had my own ideas.