Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sounds of Home

Well, not only was the Mississippi River totally breathtaking, but while we were walking alongside it we were suddenly transported back to Cambridge because we heard this:

Of course these were Scottish bagpipes not Irish bagpipes, but Molly, we're thinking of you!


pondpilot777 said...

Was it 4th of July practice for the bagpipes?

What's with the pyramid? I didn't know there was such a big one in the U.S. save a las Vegas casino.

I must travel by land more often, it seems.

Stargazer said...

Don't you love spelling and writing Mississippi? Or saying Mississippi? Counting seconds--one Mississippi, two Mississippi...? I am enjoying this. But to see it and experience it would be so much more fun I am sure. Remember Chevy Chase in Vacation? "The mighty Mississip. The Old man." And then he breaks into song..." Old Man River. That Old Man River..." I sing as I type. What wonderful memories you two are making. Thanks for sharing. "It just keeps rollin' along."