Sunday, June 22, 2008

Neely's Interstate BBQ

It's south of downtown Memphis. Keep driving past those impromptu Sno-Cone stands, on past the dilapidated gas stations, the bail bondsmen and billboards for defense attorneys. You won't be disappointed. Neely's tasty BBQ sauce (slightly sugary, slightly tangy), their large portions, friendly waitstaff--all of it will soothe the road weary traveler. It did for us.

The chopped pork sandwich delighted. A cool coleslaw balances a hefty serving of meat and sauce. Enjoy it amid wood paneled walls decked with pictures of the leading lights of Memphis: the Channel 3 News Team, Penny Hardaway, Cybil Shepherd, and MC Hammer.

And the meats...while not as tender as Rudy's in Austin, they'll have you believing you want to eat more even when you're full.

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Gretchen said...

You posted that just for my gastronomy lovin soul. Bless you, from one epicurean to another.