Saturday, June 21, 2008

Keep on Truckin'

Many of you already know my driver's license saga, but for those who don't suffice it to say it was a long, drawn out series of events that eventually ended with me getting a license...the day before I left for Korea! Which of course means I don't have that much experience driving, especially on the highway. But what better opportunity to clock time than a cross country road trip? And yesterday in Tennessee I did my first major stretch of driving (carefully watched by Mike who is an exceedingly patient teacher and assures me that I am great).

Anyway, I don't know whether there are more trucks on the road nowadays or whether it just seems that way from the driver's seat, but we have certainly seen A LOT of 18 wheelers since we left New York. I'm not sure anyone will understand my fascination with them, but they sort of remind me of dragons winding their way across the countryside, always looking forward, never looking back. Here are a few choice shots. :)

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May said...

Way to go Sarah! Very proud of you